We Build Smart Energy


CONSTRUCTIS is leading the kinetic energy revolution with a zero carbon emission roadway power system.  Our Roadway Energy X (REX) platform is a rumble strip box buried in the roadway that harvests over 1,100 watts of electricity for every 2 axle car pass, enough to power 3 family homes with just 4 lanes of busy traffic installed. The REX is a modularized rumble strip box buried in the roadway, providing ease of maintenance and supporting ongoing R&D upgrades.  Installed where vehicles are slowing down and collecting, capturing energy that otherwise would have been wasted in braking. Providing a leap forward in Smart City applications, ground to vehicle intelligence networks, charging systems and increasing traffic safety.  Disrupting the clean energy marketplace and converging vehicle and roadway analytics. Building tomorrow, today.  We are CONSTRUCTIS.

Kinetic Energy Is Energy in Motion

Learn how we capture motion and mass and what we do with that energy.



Power Made from Everyday Traffic Using Kinetic Energy.


Power is stored, used for sensors and communications and put into the Grid for Use.


We Build Smart Energy

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