R.E.S.S V 4.0


Capturing Rotational Kinetic Energy


The patented R.E.S.S harvests energy from our roadways where traffic volumes collect and slow down. The system is safe to be used on highways, interstates, or any well-trafficked areas.   The power that is produced can be put back into the grid or private storage.

  • Climate resilient, clean, and dependable energy.
  • Power generated is dependent on volume and application.
  • Long term, portable, low maintenance and upgradable.
  • Supplemental power for commercial applications.
  • Safe, affordable and ability to leverage.
  • Independent power source to grid or storage.
  • Heavy residential / Malls / Events / high volume Ingress or Egress points.
  • FHWA Certification required.


The R.E.S.S. can be used for base applications where traffic volume is high, such at gates, checkpoints, and other traffic collection areas. The system can be used to charge battery centers for emergency use or back into the grid system.

  • Reduction in fuel transportation and dependency, reducing the risk of injury to military on the move.
  • Reduction in fuel requirements on applicable military base application.
  • Provided weatherproof units with plug and play energy storage for grid system or battery storage.
  • Can be installed by 2-4 men with a minimal 4 hour monthly maintenance.
  • Upgradable system modules for replacement needs and ease of maintenance.


The R.E.S.S provides clean energy and can be a helpful addition to solar and wind applications.   With the patented systems ability to harvest energy from vehicles, we can continue to grow towards all of the clean energy solutions.

  • Provides large regional utility program applications
  • Power generated leads to cost savings and lower commitment volumes.
  • Client receives reduction in infrastructure costs, portfolio expansion, and supports the Federal and State Green Energy requirements.
  • Federal DOE subsidy and support potential.
  • National implications rivaling solar and wind as the choice for supplemental green energy programs.

Integrated Sensor Capabilities

The R.E.S.S platform provides a unique nexus between power and integrated sensor capabilities.  Contact us today to discuss unique EO/IR, RF, and other platform integrations.

Are you interested in the R.E.S.S V4.0 system for investment or application?  Contact CONSTRUCTIS today for more information.