R.E.X. V 4.5


Harvesting Kinetic Energy

Commercial – REX City

The patents pending R.E.X. platform harvests energy from our roadways where traffic volumes collect and slow down. The system is safe to be used on highways, interstates, or any well-trafficked areas.   The power that is produced can be put back into the grid, stored or used for operating systems.

  • Climate resilient, clean and dependable energy.
  • Power generated is dependent on traffic volume, weight and speed.
  • Long term, portable, low maintenance and upgradable.
  • Supplemental power for commercial applications.
  • Safe, affordable and ability to leverage.
  • Independent power source to grid or storage.
  • Heavy residential / Malls / Events / high volume Ingress or Egress points.
  • Federal and State compliant design.  Motorcycle and pedestrian safe.

Utility – REX Grid

The R.E.X. provides a clean energy option that solar, wind and other sources cannot, in high traffic high density urban applications.

  • Provides large regional utility program applications with known output in long term cost effective Power Provider Agreements.
  • Power generated leads to cost savings and avoided cost benefits.
  • Client receives reduction in infrastructure costs, portfolio expansion and supports various Federal and State Clean Energy requirements we expect.
  • Filings for Federal DOE support to advance technology exponentially.
  • National implications rivaling clean energy competitors as a cost effective solution, without subsidies or creative finance programs.
  • No long lead politically dependent energy construction timeframes, installed overnight and maintained alongside transportation infrastructure.

Ports – REX Extreme

The R.E.X. can be used for base applications where traffic volume is high or needs to be controlled, such at gates, access points, and other traffic collection areas. The system can be used to charge large MegaWatt storage banks for emergency use or infrastructure building system.

  • Reduction in fuel transportation and dependency, reducing grid energy requirements and providing a dependable backup system.
  • Reduced operating costs without frequent generator testing.
  • Extreme climate use with plug and play access from the road shoulder for use by first responders and emergency command vehicles.
  • Can be installed by 2-4 personnel with quarterly maintenance.
  • Upgradable system modules for upgrades and ease of maintenance.
  • Competitive weight to output applications with quiet operating parameters versus generator and fuel comparison.
  • Tamper proof, communications, modularized for systems integration.
  • Sensory suite of capabilities and off the shelf teaming components.

Integrated Sensor Capabilities

The R.E.X. platform provides a unique nexus between power and integrated sensor capabilities.  Combining vehicle and traffic analytics, we are converging technology for the smart city of the future. Contact us today to discuss unique EO/IR, RF, and other platform integrations.

Are you interested in the R.E.X. V4.5 system for investment or application?  Contact CONSTRUCTIS today for more information.