R.E.S.S V 4.0

Roadway Energy Sensory Systems

The Power Modules are installed and buried, where a strike or compression mechanism captures kinetic motion converts it to kWh and meters and distributes the energy to the grid or to storage. When vehicles pass over the rumble strips on the R.E.S.S system, the modules, capture and convert the energy to electricity.

  • The system is designed to produce over 10 kW per day from Kinetic Motion.
  • It is climate resilient, and produces zero emissions.
  • IP: Patent Pending and trademarked.
  • V4.0 design is completed with fabrication facility and parts ready for manufacturing.

We are in the prototype phase and are moving into field testing.

Contact CONSTRUCTIS to be a part of the first R.E.S.S systems in your area.

  • Engineering: Modeling reflects 650 kWh per Year per Set at 10,000 vehicles per day using Solidworks 2015 Finite Elemental Analysis.
  • Timeline: 4-6 weeks parts and fabrication with 1 week assembly.
  • Capabilities: Sensor applications to include TPMS, chemical/explosive, identification, and tracking.
  • Applications: Bases, logistics facilities, port facilities, border crossings, ferry terminals, parking lots, weigh stations, airports, fueling stations, toll booths, roadways, interior of high floor manufacturing plants, etc.

Green Energy through Kinetic Motion.

With its many applications, the R.E.S.S. can change the way we view traffic and help do our part in producing clean energy.

  • The R.E.S.S is a solution to providing clean usable energy by using the traffic we have daily.
  • The Climate resistant structure ensures that rain or shine, the R.E.S.S system will continue to produce power.
  •  Placement in high traffic areas will add a much needed benefit by adding energy into the grid or storage, just by daily traffic.
  • With advanced software, the R.E.S.S. can gather valuable data needed for roadway systems to support traffic management and infrastructure services.

Now that you have seen how the R.E.S.S. V4.0 works, click here to see the many applications and uses.