R.E.X. V 4.5

Roadway Energy X platform

The REX Power Modules are installed and buried, with only the rumble strip type mechanism exposed. When a vehicle rolls over the REX, the rumble strip tubes depress downward, where we convert that motion and mass energy into rotational energy, which is then converted into electricity by internal alternators.  The electrical power is then stored in battery cells for sensors, communications and operating functions, then excess is either sent to the nearby power pole, building or vehicle charging system. 

  • The system is designed to produce over 80 kWh per day from 100,000 vehicle a day application, or a typical busy 4 lane road.
  • 3 season climate resilient, with 4 season capabilities.
  • Extreme environment versions and applications.
  • Clean, zero carbon emission.
  • Several Patents Pending, Trademarked, copywrites pending.
  • Modularized for optimum advancement and other systems intergation.

Ready for full scale applications

Contact us to be a part of the R.E.X. kinetic energy revolution. 

  • Safety: Designed to be Federal Highway, State and Agency compliant, with specifications ready for review and adoption. Motorcycle safe, tamper proof and dynamic strike system.
  • Engineering: Sealed, tamper proof, designed to accomodate 2 times legal load limits, installed in 4-6 hours at night, maintained quarterly with advancing R&D program.
  • Output: Currently disclosed system captures 80 kWh per day or 29 MWH per year for each 4 lane system of 100,000 vehicles per day.
  • Installation: 4-6 weeks from contract approvals and site selection. Zero land requirements, no substations, no transmission requirements, installed overnight with known output.
  • Capabilities: Sensor applications include traffic monitoring, communications, flow improvements and safety features. 
  • Cost: Comparable to other clean energy sources without subsidies, a new cost effective clean energy option with expanding capabilities and ongoing performance improvements.  
  • Applications: Roadways, bases, logistics facilities, ports, building facilities, border crossings, ferry terminals, parking lots, weigh stations, airports, fueling stations, toll booths, manufacturing.

Clean Energy through Kinetic Motion.

With its many applications, the R.E.X. can change the way we view traffic and help do our part in producing clean energy.

  • The R.E.X. is a solution to providing clean usable energy by using the traffic we have daily.
  • The Climate resistant structure ensures that rain or shine, the R.E.X. system will continue to produce power.
  •  Placement in high traffic areas will add a much needed benefit by adding energy into the grid or storage, just by daily traffic.
  • With advanced software, the R.E.X. can gather valuable data needed for roadway systems to support traffic management and infrastructure services.

Now that you have seen how the R.E.X. V4.5 works, click here to see the many applications and uses.