WHRO TV Interview by Mr. Mike Diller and team in Hampton Roads

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Our team includes subject matter experts in program level management, project execution and major engineering disciplines.

Our core team collectively provides over 200 years of experience in executing multi-billion dollar Federal and State government contracts in areas of civil and structural engineering, construction execution, environmental, safety, quality and compliance.  Our depth has been increased to include mechanical and electrical engineering, embedded systems architecture and software coding, with an established R&D core and legal representation to back us up.  We are poised for capitalization, stabilization and growth.


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Our field capabilities include vetted and trained personnel to install, hookup and maintain systems to ensure customer satisfaction.  Autonomously controlled and monitored system with 256 bit encrypted communications and energy management interface.  Linked systems providing tamper proof security and performance functions with real time notifications.

A critical assessment of our current energy sources and how we provide a solution:

  • Dirty. Most energy products have high carbon emissions, with toxic waste or no disposal solution damaging the environment.  Constructis  provides a zero carbon emission product with no waste, installed in the street.
  • Complex. Energy projects require complex and long lead multi-year financial agreements, require land and infrastructure, with political support required for success.  Constructis provides a self contained power box that is installed overnight into the road, wired up on the road shoulder next day and operational.
  • Expensive. Micro to grid level energy projects are expensive even with 20% to 60% subsidies, high degradation history, limited competition and often with non-disclosed upfront or backend costs.   Constructis is comparatively cheap and offering purchase, long term Power Provider Agreements or fee structure sales options. 
  • Fragile. Major sources are dependent on substantial infrastructure to support, are vulnerable to shifting Politics, subject to weather impacts and are exposed to both cyber and physical attacks.    Constructis provides a secured, durable and upgradeable systems with 2 times legal load limit capacity for our standard application alone and each system is autonomously monitored and encrypted to prevent hacking.
  • Rigid.  Energy products are often cost prohibitive to expand, with high degradation factors and incompatible with new generation technology.  Constructis provides an evolving product, with sub-system and component replacement without removal for O&M and advancement, with secured network links for software upgrades.
  • Dumb. While improving, major grid sources are dependent on 24/7 operators with large staffs to address vulnerabilities and largely only reactive to grid demand variations and flux.  Large regional outages occur from weak links in the grid chain.  Constructis has an intelligent, and distributed energy network, protecting grid connectivity.  Our systems are autonomous, capable of identifying all operating and environmental conditions and reporting status.
  • Isolated. Major energy providers are disparate and territorial systems, with limited collaboration and integration.  Constructis REX power modules are project or regionally integrated based on customer preference and functionality, ensuring all performance measures are maintained, communicated and constantly improving. 

Modular, portable and durable.  Parts, training, manuals, shipping, monitoring and emergency response teams to ensure customer services are proactive and thorough with a product warranty competitive to any other power source.  Upgradable design features ensure competitive Return on Investment for our Clients.  Direct metered functions with large power storage system options. 

Our development history

Our History started back to 2015 with Founder funds and small pre-seed investments in the South East, executing extensive design efforts and computer modeling, culminating in building our TRL-5 energy platform and performing early systems testing in South Carolina.


In 2016 we advanced our TRL-5 breadboard system.  Shown here in demonstration testing for USDOT Sec Anthony Foxx and others.


In 2017 we acquired additional pre-seed funding support in the South West and advanced to an early TRL-6 status with up to 12,000 lb vehicle testing in California and higher vehicle speeds.


In 2018 we stabilized our TRL-6 status, mating subsystems and began integrating battery storage, electrical systems and communications equipment. With solid and consistent test results we began National site selection and funding submissions to Pilot the next advancing version.


Capturing Clean Energy and providing a competitive cost per kWh to solar and wind as we enter the energy marketplace.  

Sharing our results of testing using a calibrated Fluke 289 meter for one set of 1000 cycle test grouping and achieving stable results of 567.82 watts average per axle pass.


Plotted results of the same 1000 cycle test grouping, achieving over 1,100 watts per 2 axle car pass.

Providing a US Energy provider comparison with our TRL-6 testing data reflects our direct competitiveness to solar.  Energy recycling is born and is projected to advance in output and cost reductions to be a global energy source. 

Our technology is designed and built to FHWA / DOT / ADA and other Government compliance standards with sealed components to protect against tampering, weather and regional climate variations.  CONSTRUCTIS is writing the specifications with the highest standards in safety and functional energy applications.  We Build Smart Energy, we are CONSTRUCTIS.