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CONSTRUCTIS is among the four companies that have received SCRA Acceleration Grants. These grants are competitively awarded to South Carolina-based, for-profit companies to progress the company towards commercialization and better position the company for an investment through SCRA’s investment affiliate, SC Launch, Inc.

Established in 2006, SC Launch, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit corporation affiliated with SCRA, which provides loans and investments to selected South Carolina-based companies participating in the SC Launch program.

An excerpt from the SCRA press release:
Constructis is leading the kinetic energy revolution with a zero carbon emission roadway power system. Their Roadway Energy X (REX) platform is a rumble strip box embedded in the roadway that harvests over 1,100 watts of electricity every time a two-axle car passes over it, enough to power three family homes with four lanes of busy traffic installed where vehicles are slowing down and collecting, capturing energy that otherwise would have been wasted in braking. The Greenville-based company received a $50,000 grant.